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An Article on the Benefits of Wager Free Bingo and Slots

With so many online gambling websites around where you can play bingo, slots and casino games all with many offers to go with them, it can be very easy not to know which is best. They may be promoting the chance of getting ‘free spins’ or ‘free bingo bonuses’ or even the chance to win a major prize like a holiday as long as you spend X amount on a particular game. All of these are attractive offers. However, due to all the legislative changes these past few years, we have seen quite a few brands adopt the view that promotions with no wagering requirements are now part of the norm. This article takes a brief look at the benefits of bingo, slots and casino offers that don’t require you to wager any winnings.

So what does Wager Free mean?

Whenever you see a promotion advertised at a gambling website it will have attached to it certain terms and conditions. These can include such things as how much money you may need to deposit into your account to take part or to be eligible for the offer. This can be particularly true for new players registering a new account. Or maybe, it may state how much you need to spend on a particular game or have details of a funded game you need to take part in.

Besides these significant terms, you will always find information about the wagering requirements attached to that offer. These details show how many times you will need to ‘turnover’ any bonus winnings from the promotion before you can withdraw those funds and maybe any deposit associated with it. As an example, let us take a look at the Sing Bingo Welcome offer.

The offer basically gives you a 300% bingo bonus up to £200 and 30 free spins. When we look at the terms we can see that the minimum deposit is £10 and that the bonus you would receive plus the original deposit added together must be wagered 4 times before being converted into funds you can withdraw. So if in total you had £40 to play after a £10 deposit (£10 funds + £30 bonus) you would need to wager a total of £160 before you can make a withdrawal of any or all of those funds. (These terms are correct at the time of publishing this article)

Now a 4 times wager requirement is not too bad when you look at some of the other promotions you can find by searching other bingo, slots or casino websites. However, it carries the chance that any winnings you have made plus your initial deposit could be lost.

This is where taking part in a promotion that has no wagering requirements means that your winnings and deposit can be withdrawn at any time. No need to continue playing more online bingo or spinning the reels of your favourite slots. There is no risk that you are going to lose what you have just won.

How do I find Wager Free Offers

Here at, when we compile recommended brands and promotions from bingo sites, slots websites and online casinos we actually tag them if they have no wagering requirements. This means that we are constantly updating and increasing the sites that we know provide these types of offers. It also means that you just need to click the link below and you will be presented with a list of current promotions of this type listed on our website.


From within that list, simply click a promotion to find out more details. You will also find a useful link on those pages to take you directly to the website with that offer. If you are a new player to that website then you will be eligible for any new player welcome bonuses as well. This is if the offer is not already related to joining that particular site.

Are there any downsides?

If you find a promotion that gives you the chance to win ‘real’ money and not just bonus cash then I suppose you could say there is no downside. However, you will tend to find that the maximum amount of prize you can get from ‘Free Spins, Bingo or Bonus Cash’ that doesn’t require you to wager the winnings, is usually a lot smaller than if you won bonus cash that then required wagering.

This means there is a decision to make on whether you would rather have winnings that can be withdrawn immediately but of a smaller value or winnings that must be wagered but could be worth maybe 10 times more in value.


Ultimately not having any wagering requirements on winnings is the better option as you can withdraw your funds at any time. Yes, this may mean that the prize value you could win is a lot smaller. However, these gambling websites tend to have all their offers wager free. Therefore, if they have daily free spins promotions or other similar offers related to bingo or casino games, then any prize you win goes straight into your real money account.

Remember, all these promotions require you to be over 18 and whichever offers you take up, please remember to gamble responsibly.

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